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How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet: Your Complete Guide to Wealth and Fortune

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In your quest to attract prosperity, have you ever pondered precisely “how to wear Pixiu bracelet”?

This ancient charm, steeped in mystique and Feng Shui principles, promises wealth, health, and protection against negative energies.

Yet, harnessing its full power requires more than mere possession; it demands understanding and respect for its profound legacy.

Growing up with a Feng Shui master as my father, I was immersed in the art and science of Pixiu from a young age, learning the intricacies of wearing it correctly to unlock its full potential.

This post is crafted for those seeking not just to wear, but to engage with Pixiu on a level that transcends the physical, embedding its essence into the fabric of their lives.

Here, we delve into the heart of Pixiu’s power, guided by a lineage of knowledge passed down through generations, to ensure you can wear your bracelet not just as an accessory, but as a beacon of prosperity.

The Legend of Pixiu

The Pixiu, a creature with a lion’s head, dragon’s body, and horse’s hooves, is a powerful symbol within Chinese mythology and Feng Shui, embodying wealth, protection, and good fortune.

This mythical beast is believed to have an insatiable appetite for gold and silver, making it a guardian of wealth.


According to legend, the Jade Emperor decreed that Pixiu could only consume gold and silver as a punishment, but its anus was sealed, trapping all the wealth it consumed inside, preventing it from leaving. This unique trait makes Pixiu a popular amulet for attracting and retaining wealth.

Symbolism and Powers of Pixiu

The symbolism of Pixiu extends beyond mere wealth accumulation; it is also considered a formidable protector against the evil forces and obstacles that may hinder one’s prosperity.

Its dual role in Feng Shui as both a wealth attractor and a protective ward makes it a revered talisman among those seeking to enhance their financial situation while safeguarding their current assets.

Wearing a Pixiu bracelet is believed to activate these powers, aligning the wearer with the energies of abundance and security.

Selecting Your Pixiu Bracelet

Selecting the perfect Pixiu bracelet involves more than just picking out a piece that catches your eye; it’s about aligning with the energies you wish to attract and ensuring that the bracelet resonates with your personal aura.

Choosing the Right Material and Color

Pixiu bracelets are crafted from a variety of materials, each with its own unique energy properties.

Common materials include jade, obsidian, gold, and silver, each offering different benefits, such as protection, wealth attraction, or energy cleansing.

The color of the bracelet also plays a significant role in its Feng Shui properties, with colors like black for protection, green for growth, and gold for wealth enhancement.

Design Considerations

The design of your Pixiu bracelet should reflect your personal style and the specific energies you wish to attract.

Traditional designs often feature a single Pixiu charm, symbolizing protection and wealth attraction, while modern interpretations might incorporate multiple Pixiu or additional elements like crystals for enhanced energy.

Choosing a design that feels right for you enhances the bracelet’s effectiveness.

Finding the Perfect Size

Comfort and effectiveness are paramount when selecting the size of your Pixiu bracelet.

It should fit snugly but comfortably on your wrist, allowing for optimal energy flow.

A bracelet that’s too tight may restrict energy circulation, while one that’s too loose could lead to energy dispersion.

Measuring your wrist and consulting size charts provided by sellers can help ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Preparing and Activating Your Pixiu Bracelet

Before integrating a Pixiu bracelet into your life, it’s essential to cleanse and activate it. This process not only purifies the bracelet from any previous energies but also aligns it with your personal intentions.

Cleansing Your Pixiu

Cleansing with salt is a traditional method to reset the energy of your Pixiu bracelet. To do this, fill a bowl with natural sea salt and bury your bracelet in it for 24 hours.

Salt is known for its purifying properties, absorbing any negativity or residual energies the bracelet may have accumulated.

After the cleansing period, rinse your bracelet with clean water and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

Activation Process

Activating your Pixiu involves a ritual to imbue it with your energy and intentions:

  • Step #1: Hold the bracelet in your hands and close your eyes.
  • Step #2: Visualize your goals and desires, focusing on the wealth and protection you wish to attract.
  • Step #3: Speak your intentions aloud or silently affirm them in your mind, asking Pixiu to assist you in your endeavors.
  • Step #4: Wear the bracelet on your left wrist, as the left side is believed to attract positive energy into your life.

Through these steps, your Pixiu bracelet becomes a powerful personal talisman, ready to assist you in your journey toward prosperity and protection.

How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet

Wearing your Pixiu bracelet correctly is crucial to maximizing its benefits for wealth and protection.

The Hand

According to traditional beliefs, Pixiu bracelets should be worn on your left hand. This practice is based on Feng Shui principles, where the left hand is considered the receptive hand for energy.

Wearing the Pixiu bracelet on your left hand is believed to draw wealth and positive energy into your life, enhancing its effectiveness as a symbol of prosperity and protection.

Facing Direction

Wear the bracelet so that Pixiu’s head is facing outward, toward the direction of your little finger.


This lets the creature draw money from all directions, as it symbolizes going out to grab wealth and bring it back for you. Do not wear it facing inward(the thumb direction).


It’s best to wear your Pixiu bracelet in the morning, right after you wake up. Remove it before bedtime, as it is believed that Pixiu needs rest too.

Touch Your Pixiu Frequently From Head To Tail

Before and during wearing it. This is to let it know you are the master. It is believed that the Pixiu dragon is one of the spirit animals. It will obey you in every way and assist you as long as you take good care of it.

Then, everyday touch it from head to tail. It is said that Pixiu is a bit lazy and likes to sleep. Therefore, when you touch it from head to tail, you wake it up and attract the wealth you seek.

Wear It Longer For The First Time

Do not wear your bracelet or pendant for a short time when you first get it. Generally speaking, this is so that the Pixiu feels and understands how you feel.

For instance, if you wish to attract wealth and only wear it occasionally, it will be estranged and less effective in money drawing.

Protect Pixiu’s Eyes And Mouth

Do not dig the eyes and mouth of Pixiu violently. This is because the eyes are said to be for hunting treasure while the mouth is for taking money.

If you touch its eyes and mouth accidentally, just wash it with clean water and let it sit in the sun for a bit.

Do Not Allow Others To Touch Your Pixiu

Avoid having someone else touching it. But if it happens, just cleanse it with water.

Avoid being Contaminated by Blood

Do not let your Pixiu be contaminated by blood. Otherwise, its money-drawing effect will be ruined. If it is exposed to blood by accident, clean it with water as soon as possible and dry it in the sun.

Take Off Your Pixiu Bracelet When Doing Private Business

According to Oriental culture though, Pixiu is incompatible with dirty things. So always take off your Pixiu bracelet when doing private business (i.e. bathing, making love etc.). This is to show your Pixiu respect.

Do Not Let Pixiu Be Exposed To Chemicals

Pixiu is usually coated with gold or has some kind of metal and exposure to chemicals could ruin the finish. Also, the common materials of Pixiu are usually gold, silver, obsidian and jade, which if exposed to chemicals, will be damaged.

Keep It Clean

Regularly clean your Pixiu bracelet to remove accumulated negative energy and dust. Rinse it with clean water and pat it dry with a soft cloth. It’s best to avoid wearing it while bathing or swimming to maintain its luster.

Respect and Intentions

Treat your Pixiu bracelet with respect, as it is believed to have a spirit. Maintain a positive attitude and focus on your intentions when wearing it, whether it’s attracting wealth, protecting against negativity, or seeking good fortune.

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Living with Pixiu

Home Placement

Placing your Pixiu at home requires thoughtful consideration. The living room or office, facing the main door or window, is ideal. This position enables Pixiu to attract wealth energy from outside into your space.

Nighttime Practices

During the night, place your Pixiu bracelet in a wealth area, such as a dedicated altar facing the main door, or in the living room to continue attracting positive energy even while you sleep.

Compatibility with Other Jewelry

Wearing your Pixiu bracelet with other jewelry is generally acceptable, as long as the materials and energies are complementary. Avoid pairing it with items that conflict with Feng Shui principles, such as those representing negative energy or loss.

Do’s and Don’ts and Special Considerations

  • Do: Regularly cleanse and recharge your Pixiu bracelet to maintain its energy.
  • Don’t: Allow others to touch your bracelet; it personalizes the energy to you.
  • Do: Wear your Pixiu facing outward, symbolizing the attraction of wealth.
  • Don’t: Wear it to bed or in the bathroom, as these actions could diminish its power.

Who Should Avoid Pixiu?

Pixiu is not recommended for those with negative energy or intentions, as it may exacerbate these qualities. Additionally, pregnant women or those with conflicting Zodiac signs should consult Feng Shui experts. For more details, please see Who CANNOT Wear Pixiu Bracelet .

Can Pixiu Bring Bad Luck?

While Pixiu is generally seen as a symbol of prosperity and protection, improper care or disrespect towards it can result in negative energy. Following the guidelines for its care and respect ensures Pixiu remains a positive force in your life.

Maintaining and Recharging Your Bracelet

Regular Cleansing and Energizing

To keep your Pixiu bracelet powerful, cleanse it regularly using natural salt or sage smoke. This removes any negative energy it has absorbed. Recharge its energy by placing it under the moonlight or sunlight for a few hours, especially during a full moon for enhanced effect.

Storage Wisdom

When not wearing your Pixiu bracelet, store it in a clean, respectful place such as a fabric pouch or a wooden box. Placing it in a wealth area or on a dedicated altar at home can also help preserve its energy and ensure its longevity, keeping the Pixiu’s spirit vibrant and active.


Can I wear my Pixiu bracelet on either hand?

Wearing your Pixiu bracelet on the left hand is recommended as it is believed to attract wealth and prosperity more effectively. The left side of the body is associated with receiving energy, making it ideal for Pixiu’s wealth-attracting properties.

How often should I cleanse my Pixiu bracelet?

You should cleanse your Pixiu bracelet regularly, ideally once a month, to clear any negative energies and restore its power. Cleansing can be done with natural salt or sage smoke to ensure it remains charged and effective.

Is it okay to wear my Pixiu bracelet with other jewelry?

Yes, you can wear your Pixiu bracelet with other jewelry. However, ensure that the materials and energies are complementary and do not conflict with Pixiu’s Feng Shui principles for optimal benefits.

Where should I place my Pixiu bracelet when I am not wearing it?

When not wearing your Pixiu bracelet, place it in a respectful and clean place, such as on a dedicated altar or in a wealth area of your home, to maintain its energy and effectiveness.

Can wearing a Pixiu bracelet bring bad luck?

Properly selected, activated, and respected, a Pixiu bracelet is unlikely to bring bad luck. Misuse or disrespect towards the Pixiu, however, can result in negative energies. Following the care and respect guidelines ensures Pixiu remains a positive force.


Embracing the Pixiu bracelet is a journey that extends beyond mere adornment to a profound engagement with Feng Shui principles.

Selecting, activating, wearing, and caring for your Pixiu correctly can significantly impact its effectiveness in attracting wealth, health, and protection.

As we share our experiences and insights, we foster a community of respect and understanding around the mystical Pixiu.

Your journey with Pixiu is unique; we invite you to share your stories and questions, enriching our collective knowledge and appreciation of this powerful talisman.

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