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Pixiu Bracelets 101: The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Wealth and Protection

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Welcome to the mystical world of Pixiu bracelets, a symbol of wealth, health, and protection that has intrigued and benefited believers for centuries.

As you seek solutions to enhance your prosperity and shield yourself from negative energies, you’re in the right place.

But why trust this guide among countless others?

My journey into the realm of Feng Shui and specifically Pixiu bracelets began in childhood, under the guidance of my father, a revered Feng Shui master.

This lifelong immersion has not only deepened my understanding but also instilled a passion for sharing authentic practices with others.

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Pixiu (also known as Piyao), the mythical creature that attracts wealth from all directions and wards off ill fortune, is more than a legend; it’s a way of life for many who believe in Feng Shui’s power.

However, the efficacy of a Pixiu bracelet isn’t just about wearing it; it’s about understanding its deep-rooted cultural significance, activating it correctly, and respecting the traditional customs associated with its use.

Many seek the Pixiu bracelet’s blessings, yet struggle with misinformation or incomplete knowledge on how to harness its full potential.

This guide, enriched by years of firsthand experience and expertise, aims to bridge that gap. Whether you’re new to Feng Shui or looking to refine your practices, this article promises to provide valuable insights into making the most of your Pixiu bracelet.

Let’s embark on this journey together, exploring not just the how-tos but the why’s behind every practice, ensuring your Pixiu bracelet serves as a powerful conduit for the prosperity and protection you seek.

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What is a Pixiu Bracelet?

A Pixiu bracelet is not just an accessory; it’s a powerful symbol in Chinese culture, embodying centuries of mythology and Feng Shui practice. To understand its significance, we must delve into its roots and the principles behind its creation.

Brief History of Pixiu in Chinese Mythology

Pixiu, often depicted as a winged lion with the head of a dragon, has a storied place in Chinese mythology.

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It is said to be a voracious creature, with a preference for gold, silver, and jewels, which it uses to protect its master.

Legend has it that the Pixiu has a bottomless appetite for wealth, attracting riches from all directions.

However, due to a punishment from the Jade Emperor, Pixiu’s rear is sealed, trapping the wealth it consumes and preventing it from leaving, making it an auspicious symbol for accumulating fortune.

The Significance of Pixiu in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Pixiu is considered a potent cure for attracting wealth and good fortune. It is also believed to offer protection against negative forces and obstacles.

The creature’s dual capability to generate wealth and offer protection makes it a revered talisman among Feng Shui practitioners.

Positioned in homes or worn as jewelry, Pixiu serves as a guardian that wards off evil, ensuring peace and prosperity for its owner.

Description of the Pixiu Bracelet and How It’s Made

A Pixiu bracelet typically features a Pixiu charm, carved from various materials such as jade, gold, silver, or obsidian, strung together with beads.

The choice of material for the Pixiu and the accompanying beads often adds layers of meaning and additional Feng Shui benefits.

For example, black obsidian is believed to offer strong psychic protection, while jade is associated with purity and harmony.

Crafting a Pixiu bracelet involves not only meticulous workmanship but also a deep understanding of Feng Shui principles.

The orientation of the Pixiu charm, the selection of beads, and even the manner in which the bracelet is assembled can influence its effectiveness as a Feng Shui cure.

Artisans who create these bracelets often follow traditional methods passed down through generations, ensuring each piece is not just aesthetically pleasing but also spiritually potent.

Wearing a Pixiu bracelet is more than a fashion statement; it is a practice steeped in history and spirituality.

For believers and practitioners of Feng Shui, it represents a tangible connection to the ancient wisdom of Chinese mythology, offering both protection and prosperity.

The Feng Shui Behind Pixiu Bracelets

The allure of Pixiu bracelets extends beyond their physical beauty, lying in their profound Feng Shui significance.

These bracelets serve as a bridge between the wearer and the ancient energies of wealth and protection.

Understanding the Feng Shui principles that govern the Pixiu can enhance our appreciation and effectiveness of these mystical bracelets.

Attracting Wealth and Protection

At the heart of a Pixiu bracelet’s power is its believed ability to attract wealth and protect its wearer from negative energies.

According to Feng Shui, the Pixiu is a celestial creature that has an insatiable appetite for gold and silver, symbolizing the perpetual accumulation of wealth.

Wearing a Pixiu bracelet is thought to “activate” this creature’s energy, drawing wealth from all directions.

Moreover, the protective aspect of the Pixiu is equally significant.

It is said to have the power to ward off evil spirits and negative forces that may obstruct personal and financial well-being.

This dual function of attracting wealth while safeguarding against misfortune makes the Pixiu bracelet a cherished accessory for many Feng Shui enthusiasts.

Importance of Materials Used in Pixiu Bracelets

The materials used to craft a Pixiu bracelet are not chosen at random; they hold considerable significance in amplifying the bracelet’s Feng Shui properties. Common materials include:

Gold and Silver

These precious metals are traditionally associated with wealth and purity. A Pixiu charm made of gold or silver not only symbolizes financial abundance but also enhances the energy of the Pixiu in attracting wealth.


A powerful protective stone, black obsidian is believed to form a shield against negativity. It also helps in grounding and removing emotional blockages, making it an ideal companion to the wealth-attracting qualities of the Pixiu.


Known for its calming and purifying properties, jade adds an element of harmony and balance to the Pixiu bracelet. It’s believed to promote good luck and friendship, enriching the wearer’s life beyond material wealth.

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The choice of material can be tailored to the wearer’s personal goals and Feng Shui needs.

For instance, someone seeking protection might lean towards obsidian, while another aiming for wealth accumulation might prefer gold or silver.

The beads accompanying the Pixiu charm are also selected for their energy properties, further enhancing the bracelet’s overall Feng Shui effect.

Incorporating these materials with intention and understanding can significantly amplify the Pixiu bracelet’s effectiveness.

It’s not just about the physical components but the harmonious blend of energies they represent.

As we wear these bracelets, we’re reminded of the ancient wisdom they carry, serving as a daily connection to the protective and prosperous energies we seek to invite into our lives.

How to Activate Pixiu Bracelet

Activating a Pixiu bracelet is a crucial step in unlocking its potential for attracting wealth and offering protection.

This process not only cleanses the bracelet of previous energies but also aligns it with the wearer’s intentions. Here’s how to prepare and activate your Pixiu bracelet:

Preparing Your Pixiu Bracelet for Activation

Before activation, the bracelet must be cleansed of any lingering or negative energies. This preparation involves the use of:


Rinse your Pixiu bracelet under running water to cleanse its physical form. Water is a purifier in many traditions, symbolizing clarity and fluidity of energy.


After rinsing, pass the bracelet through incense smoke. This step is believed to purify the energy and bless the bracelet. Incense such as sandalwood or sage is often used for its spiritual cleansing properties.

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Finally, gently rub the bracelet with sea salt or place it in a bowl of salt. Salt, like water, is a powerful purifier and is known for its ability to absorb negative energies and protect from unwanted influences.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Activate Your Pixiu Bracelet

With the bracelet cleansed, it’s time to activate it:

Find a Peaceful Space

Choose a quiet and clean area where you can focus without interruptions. The ambiance of the space should promote tranquility and receptivity.


Hold the Pixiu bracelet in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize your goals and desires, such as attracting wealth or protection from negativity. Picture these intentions flowing into the bracelet, charging it with your specific desires.

Mantra Chanting

While maintaining your focus on your intentions, softly chant a mantra that resonates with the Pixiu’s energy.

A popular mantra for this purpose is “Om Mani Padme Hum,” which promotes compassion and purification. The repetition of a mantra helps to infuse the bracelet with spiritual energy and aligns it with your aspirations.

Wear the Bracelet on Your Left Hand

Traditionally, the left hand is considered the receiving side of the body, capable of absorbing wealth energy. By wearing the Pixiu bracelet on your left hand, you open yourself to the prosperity and protection it brings.

Activating your Pixiu bracelet is a sacred process that bridges the spiritual and material worlds.

Through this ritual, you not only cleanse and charge your bracelet but also deepen your connection to its ancient energies.

Remember, the power of the Pixiu bracelet is amplified by your belief and respect for its significance.

By following these steps, you prepare yourself to receive the abundance and protection the Pixiu promises to its devoted wearers.

Who CANNOT Wear Pixiu Bracelet

While Pixiu bracelets are widely celebrated for their ability to attract wealth and offer protection, there are specific groups and situations where wearing a Pixiu bracelet is traditionally advised against. Understanding these restrictions helps ensure the bracelet’s effectiveness and respects the cultural and spiritual practices associated with it.

Minors (Under 16) and Elderly People (Over 70)

It’s generally advised that minors under the age of 16 and elderly individuals over 70 refrain from wearing Pixiu bracelets.

This caution stems from the belief that the vibrant and potent energy of Pixiu could be overwhelming for those who might not have the robust energy levels to match it, potentially leading to imbalance rather than benefit.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are also advised against wearing Pixiu bracelets.

The energetic influence of Pixiu, aimed at attracting wealth and warding off negative energies, is considered too strong and potentially disruptive during pregnancy, a time when stability and gentle protection are paramount.

Women Who Are Coming For Menstruation

Similar to pregnant women, it is traditionally believed that women during their menstrual cycle should avoid wearing Pixiu bracelets.

The rationale is rooted in energy dynamics; the menstrual period is a time of natural energy release and cleansing for the body, and introducing external energies, especially those as potent as Pixiu’s, might interfere with this natural process.

People With Constipation and Stomach Problems

Individuals suffering from chronic constipation or ongoing stomach issues are also recommended to avoid wearing Pixiu bracelets.

The reasoning here is based on the flow of energy and the belief that Pixiu’s strong energy could exacerbate these conditions by creating further energy blockages or imbalances.

People Who Commit Offences Against Law and Discipline

Those who engage in illegal or morally dubious activities are advised against wearing Pixiu bracelets.

The protective and wealth-attracting powers of Pixiu are believed to be accessible only to those who lead honest and upright lives. Misuse or wearing it with ill intent can negate its benefits or even attract misfortune.

While Having Sex

Wearing a Pixiu bracelet during sexual activity is traditionally seen as disrespectful to the Pixiu spirit.

Sexual energy, while a natural part of life, is considered private and intimate, not suitable for sharing with the energies of a Pixiu bracelet.

People Who Want To Get Rich In No Time

Individuals looking for a quick fix to their financial situations without willingness to put in effort or those harboring unrealistic expectations of instant wealth are cautioned against relying on Pixiu bracelets.

The bracelet’s energy supports those who are committed to growth and hard work rather than seeking miraculous solutions.

People With Negative Intentions

Pixiu bracelets, believed to attract positive energy and fortune, are cautioned against individuals with negative intentions like jealousy or greed. It’s widely held that these benefits are reserved for those with pure hearts, emphasizing the importance of genuine goodness to fully harness the protective qualities of Pixiu.

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Allergic Reactions

Practical considerations also include allergies to materials commonly used in Pixiu bracelets, such as metals or specific stones. Individuals with known allergies should carefully select their bracelet or consult medical advice before wearing one.

Modern Considerations

In today’s context, it’s essential to balance traditional beliefs with personal experiences and modern lifestyles.

While respecting the cultural roots and practices surrounding Pixiu bracelets, individuals should also consider their personal health, lifestyle, and energy needs when deciding to wear one.

Understanding these traditional advisories ensures that respect is given to the cultural significance of Pixiu bracelets and that their powers are harnessed in harmony with the wearer’s energy and life circumstances.

How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet

Wearing a Pixiu bracelet correctly is crucial to harnessing its full potential for attracting wealth and protection. Below are the guidelines to ensure you maximize the benefits of your Pixiu bracelet:

The Hand

The Pixiu bracelet should be worn on the left hand. In Feng Shui, the left side of the body is considered the receiving side, capable of attracting wealth and good fortune. Wearing the bracelet on your left hand allows you to draw in Pixiu’s energy more effectively.

Facing Direction

The head of the Pixiu should face outward, toward the direction of the little finger. This positioning allows the Pixiu to draw energy from external sources. When facing inward (toward the thumb), it symbolizes channeling wealth to you.


There are auspicious times to first wear your Pixiu bracelet, such as mornings at the start of a new lunar phase or specific Feng Shui-determined hours. Consulting a Feng Shui calendar or expert can provide guidance on the most fortuitous timing.

Touch Your Pixiu Frequently From Head To Tail

Regularly touching your Pixiu from head to tail encourages the flow of wealth and reminds the creature of your presence and attention. This interaction is believed to energize the Pixiu, keeping its powers active.

Wear It Longer For The First Time

When you wear your Pixiu bracelet for the first time, keep it on longer to help it adapt to your energy and establish a connection. A full day of wear is often recommended to initiate this bonding process.

Protect Pixiu’s Eyes And Mouth

The eyes and mouth of the Pixiu are where it senses and consumes wealth. Ensure these parts are not obstructed or dirty to keep its powers unhindered.

Do Not Allow Others To Touch Your Pixiu

Your Pixiu bracelet is attuned to your energy. Allowing others to touch it can disrupt this connection and dilute its effectiveness. If touched by others, cleanse and reactivate your Pixiu.

Avoid being Contaminated by Blood

If your Pixiu bracelet comes into contact with blood, it’s believed to affect its energy negatively. Cleanse it immediately if this occurs.

Take Off Your Pixiu Bracelet When Doing Private Business

Out of respect and to maintain its purity, remove your Pixiu bracelet during intimate moments or when using the bathroom.

Do Not Let Pixiu Be Exposed To Chemicals

Chemicals can damage the material of your bracelet and affect the Pixiu’s energy. Keep it away from harsh substances.

Keep It Clean

Regular cleaning not only maintains the physical appearance of your Pixiu bracelet but also ensures its energy remains clear and potent. Use gentle, non-chemical methods to cleanse it.

Respect and Intentions

Finally, wearing a Pixiu bracelet with respect and clear intentions amplifies its powers. Understanding and honoring the cultural and spiritual significance of the Pixiu enhances your connection to its energy.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures that your Pixiu bracelet serves as a powerful talisman, attracting wealth and protection into your life.

Piyao Bracelet Color Meaning

The color of a Piyao (Pixiu) bracelet plays a significant role in Feng Shui, as each hue is associated with specific energies and intentions.

Understanding the meaning behind each color can help you choose the right Piyao bracelet to align with your personal goals and Feng Shui aspirations.

Red Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Red is the color of energy, passion, and good fortune. A red Piyao bracelet is believed to enhance vitality, bring good luck, and protect the wearer from negative energies.

Black Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Black symbolizes protection and power. A black Piyao bracelet is thought to absorb negative energy, offer protection from harm, and promote emotional stability and strength.

Magenta Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Magenta represents transformation and spiritual development. Wearing a magenta Piyao bracelet can help foster personal growth, encourage compassion, and unlock spiritual insights.

Green Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Green is associated with growth, healing, and prosperity. A green Piyao bracelet is believed to attract wealth, promote balance and harmony, and encourage physical and emotional healing.

White Piyao Bracelet Meaning

White symbolizes purity, clarity, and new beginnings. A white Piyao bracelet can help clear mental clutter, provide protection, and encourage a fresh start or new opportunities.

Pink Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Pink is the color of love and relationships. Wearing a pink Piyao bracelet is thought to attract love, enhance relationships, and promote self-love and care.

Blue Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Blue represents tranquility, wisdom, and health. A blue Piyao bracelet is believed to calm the mind, encourage healing, and foster intellectual growth and wisdom.

Yellow Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Yellow signifies joy, energy, and wealth. A yellow Piyao bracelet can help bring happiness, stimulate mental clarity, and attract wealth and prosperity.

Purple Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Purple is associated with spirituality, luxury, and ambition. Wearing a purple Piyao bracelet is thought to enhance spiritual awareness, inspire success, and attract wealth.

Brown Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Brown symbolizes stability, reliability, and grounding. A brown Piyao bracelet can help ground the wearer, provide stability, and support material success and stability.

Amethyst Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Amethyst, a purple variety of quartz, is known for its protective and purifying properties. An amethyst Piyao bracelet is believed to enhance intuition, promote spiritual growth, and protect against negative energies.

Rose Quartz Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. A rose quartz Piyao bracelet can attract love, restore harmony in relationships, and promote self-love and peace.

Violet Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Violet combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. A violet Piyao bracelet is thought to stimulate imagination, inspire creativity, and foster spiritual enlightenment.

Emerald Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Emerald is known for its healing properties and ability to attract love. An emerald Piyao bracelet can promote physical and emotional healing, attract harmonious relationships, and encourage compassion and unconditional love.

Cherry Coral Piyao Bracelet Meaning

Cherry coral represents vitality, energy, and protection. A cherry coral Piyao bracelet is believed to invigorate the wearer, protect against harm, and enhance life force energy.

Choosing a Piyao bracelet based on its color allows you to tailor the Feng Shui benefits to your specific needs and intentions, enhancing the bracelet’s effectiveness in your life.

24K Piyao Bracelet Meaning

A 24K Piyao bracelet is not only a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty but also carries profound meanings in Feng Shui.

Crafted from pure gold, it embodies the highest vibrational energy for wealth attraction, protection, career growth, and Feng Shui enhancement.

Here’s a closer look at the significance of a 24K Piyao bracelet:

Wealth and Prosperity

Gold has been associated with wealth and prosperity across cultures and ages. A 24K Piyao bracelet, made of the purest form of gold, is believed to possess the most potent energy for attracting wealth.

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It’s thought to capture the Pixiu’s essence, drawing riches towards the wearer and securing their financial standing. The lustrous quality of gold amplifies the Pixiu’s energy, making it a powerful talisman for wealth accumulation.

Protection and Security

Beyond its ability to attract wealth, a 24K Piyao bracelet offers spiritual protection. Gold’s purity is said to repel negative energies and safeguard the wearer from harm.

In the context of Feng Shui, the Pixiu symbolizes a guardian beast, and when rendered in 24K gold, its protective powers are believed to be at their peak.

Wearing a 24K Piyao bracelet can provide a sense of security, warding off evil spirits and negative influences.

Career Advancement

For those seeking growth in their professional lives, a 24K Piyao bracelet can be a valuable ally.

The combination of Pixiu’s wealth-attracting capabilities and gold’s association with success creates a potent symbol for career advancement.

It’s thought to foster opportunities for promotion, increase recognition from peers and superiors, and open doors to new possibilities.

The bracelet serves as a reminder of one’s goals and ambitions, encouraging perseverance and dedication.

Enhanced Feng Shui

Incorporating a 24K Piyao bracelet into your life also enhances the Feng Shui of your personal energy field and environment.

Gold’s conductive properties are believed to harmonize energies, improving the flow of Chi, or life force, around you.

This can lead to a balanced state of being, attracting positive outcomes in all areas of life.

The Pixiu’s role in Feng Shui as a protector and wealth attractor is magnified when crafted in gold, making a 24K Piyao bracelet a powerful tool for enhancing personal and environmental Feng Shui.

The significance of a 24K Piyao bracelet extends beyond its material value. It represents a blend of spiritual tradition and personal aspiration, offering a multifaceted approach to achieving prosperity, protection, and harmony in life.

Pixiu Bracelet Rules

To maximize the benefits and ensure the proper functioning of your Pixiu bracelet, certain rules and practices should be observed.

These guidelines help maintain the bracelet’s energy and effectiveness in attracting wealth and providing protection.

Wearing Hand Preference

The Pixiu bracelet should ideally be worn on the left hand, as it is believed this side of the body is more receptive to wealth energy. Wearing it on the left allows the Pixiu to attract wealth and bring it into your life.

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Active vs. Inactive Pixiu

A Pixiu becomes “active” or “awakened” when it is properly cleansed, activated, and respected. An inactive Pixiu, on the other hand, may not effectively attract wealth or provide protection. Ensuring your Pixiu remains active involves regular cleansing, energizing, and mindful interaction.

Cleanse and Energize Regularly

Regular cleansing is crucial to remove any negative energy absorbed by the Pixiu. This can be done through smudging with sage, rinsing under running water, or exposure to sunlight or moonlight. Energizing your Pixiu involves reaffirming your intentions and connecting with its energy through meditation or visualization.

Respectful Handling

Treat your Pixiu with respect and reverence. Avoid exposing it to lower energies, such as in bathrooms or during intimate moments. Respectful handling reinforces the bond between you and your Pixiu, enhancing its abilities to serve you.

Personal Connection

Building a personal connection with your Pixiu enhances its effectiveness. This can be achieved by regularly touching it, speaking to it with your intentions, and treating it as a trusted companion in your journey towards wealth and protection.

Removal During Specific Times

There are times when the Pixiu bracelet should be removed, such as during sleep, sexual activity, or in the bathroom. These practices respect the sacred nature of the Pixiu and ensure it remains clean and potent.


When not wearing your Pixiu bracelet, store it in a clean, respectful place. Preferably, place it facing a direction that attracts wealth, such as towards the entrance of your room or house. Proper storage helps maintain the Pixiu’s energy and readiness to assist you.

Following these rules not only respects the cultural and spiritual significance of the Pixiu bracelet but also ensures you remain aligned with its powerful energies for attracting wealth and offering protection.

Pi Yao Tiger Eye Bracelet Meaning

The Pi Yao Tiger Eye bracelet combines the powerful Feng Shui symbolism of the Pi Yao (Pixiu) with the protective and grounding energy of the tiger eye stone.

This unique combination brings a synergy of benefits to the wearer:

Wealth Attraction

Just as the Pi Yao is known for its ability to attract wealth and abundance, the tiger eye stone amplifies this property by grounding prosperity in reality and practicality. It encourages a balanced approach to achieving success.


The tiger eye stone is believed to ward off negative energy and protect its wearer from harm. When combined with the Pi Yao, which is also known for its protective qualities, it creates a strong shield against negative forces.

Clarity and Decision Making

Tiger eye enhances clarity of thought and improves decision-making skills. It helps the wearer to remain calm and grounded, even in volatile situations, promoting wise decisions that align with one’s growth and prosperity.

Black Mantra Piyao Meaning

The Black Mantra Piyao integrates the protective and wealth-attracting properties of the Pi Yao with the spiritual depth of mantra inscriptions.

Typically, these bracelets feature black stones or materials, such as black obsidian, and are engraved with powerful mantras. This combination is profound for several reasons:

Spiritual Protection and Cleansing

The black color is associated with grounding and protection, absorbing negative energies from the wearer’s aura. The mantra inscriptions add a layer of spiritual protection, often invoking divine assistance or blessings.

Wealth and Prosperity

The Pi Yao’s influence is enhanced by the mantras, which are chosen for their ability to attract wealth and positive opportunities. This makes the bracelet an auspicious tool for those seeking financial growth.

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Mental Focus and Emotional Balance

The mantras on the Black Mantra Piyao serve as focal points for meditation and mindfulness, promoting mental clarity and emotional balance. This can be particularly beneficial for navigating the challenges of personal and professional life.

Both the Pi Yao Tiger Eye and Black Mantra Piyao bracelets offer a blend of material prosperity and spiritual growth, making them meaningful choices for those looking to enhance their Feng Shui practice.

How to Cleanse Pixiu Bracelet

Cleansing your Pixiu bracelet is essential for maintaining its effectiveness and ensuring it remains a powerful tool for attracting wealth and protection.

Here are four effective methods for cleansing your bracelet:

Smudging with Sage

Smudging is a traditional practice used to clear negative energy. To cleanse your Pixiu bracelet, light a sage stick and let it catch fire.

Extinguish the flame to allow it to smolder and produce smoke. Pass your Pixiu bracelet through the smoke several times, envisioning it being purified and recharged.

This method is especially useful for its spiritual cleansing properties, restoring the bracelet’s energy for optimal performance.

Moonlight Bath

Placing your Pixiu bracelet under the moonlight is a gentle, non-invasive way to cleanse and recharge its energy.

The best time to do this is during a full moon, when the moon’s energies are at their strongest. Leave the bracelet outside or on a windowsill overnight, allowing the moonlight to imbue it with cleansing and renewing energy.

Salt Water Cleanse

Salt water is known for its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy.

To cleanse your Pixiu bracelet, dissolve sea salt in a bowl of water and soak the bracelet for a few hours or overnight.

Be cautious with this method if your bracelet contains metals that could corrode or stones that may be damaged by salt water. Rinse the bracelet with fresh water after soaking and pat dry.

Reiki Energy Cleansing

If you are attuned to Reiki, you can use its healing energy to cleanse your Pixiu bracelet. Hold the bracelet in your hands and visualize Reiki symbols.

Channel Reiki energy through your hands into the bracelet, with the intention of clearing any negative energies and recharging the bracelet for its highest good.

This method not only cleanses the bracelet but also infuses it with positive, healing vibrations.

Regularly cleansing your Pixiu bracelet ensures that it continues to serve as a powerful tool for attracting wealth and providing protection.

Choose the method that resonates most with you, and consider cleansing your bracelet every few weeks or whenever you feel its energy needs refreshing.

Where to Put Pixiu Bracelet When Sleeping

Properly storing your Pixiu bracelet while you sleep is important to maintain its energy and effectiveness. Here are the best practices for where to place your Pixiu bracelet at night:

Where to Put Pixiu Bracelet When Sleeping

It is generally advised not to wear your Pixiu bracelet while sleeping. Doing so can disrupt your rest due to the bracelet’s strong energy.

Instead, place it near your bed or within your bedroom in a respectful and secure spot. This keeps the Pixiu’s protective and wealth-attracting energies close, even when you’re not wearing it.

Place It In The Wealth Area Of Your Home

According to Feng Shui principles, every home has a wealth area, typically located in the southeast corner of the space.

03-Living Room Feng Shui-Cnava.com-Pro Creators
Photo: Cnava.com/Pro Creators

Placing your Pixiu bracelet in this area when you’re not wearing it can help attract and accumulate wealth. Ensure the area is clean and clutter-free to maximize the flow of positive energy.

Place It In A Silver Or Gold-Colored Bowl

For an added layer of energy enhancement, consider placing your Pixiu bracelet in a silver or gold-colored bowl.

These metals are associated with wealth and prosperity and can amplify the wealth-attracting properties of the Pixiu.

Positioning the bowl in your home’s wealth area or on a bedside table can further enhance its Feng Shui benefits.

By following these practices, you ensure that your Pixiu bracelet continues to work for you, attracting wealth and protection even while you rest.

Piyao Red String Bracelet Meaning

The Piyao Red String bracelet intertwines the potent protective and wealth-attracting energies of Piyao with the symbolic power of the red string.

In many cultures, the red string is believed to offer protection against misfortunes, negative energies, and the evil eye.

When combined with a Piyao, the red string amplifies the bracelet’s ability to safeguard the wearer, while also attracting good luck and wealth.

This bracelet is particularly favored for its dual function of protection and prosperity, along with promoting positive energy flows and relationships.

Double Pixiu Bracelet Meaning

A Double Pixiu bracelet, featuring two Pixiu charms, doubles the protective and wealth-attracting powers of a standard Pixiu bracelet.

This configuration is thought to enhance the effectiveness of the bracelet in drawing wealth from all directions and offering a stronger shield against negativity and obstacles.

The dual Pixiu setup is particularly appealing to those seeking to amplify their financial gains, protect larger investments, or accelerate their journey towards financial stability and prosperity.

How to Choose Pixiu Bracelet

Selecting the right Pixiu bracelet involves considering several factors to ensure it aligns with your intentions and Feng Shui needs:


Choose a material that resonates with your personal energy and the specific attributes you seek. Different materials like gold, silver, jade, or obsidian not only influence the bracelet’s appearance but also its Feng Shui properties.

Size of Pixiu

The size of the Pixiu should be comfortable for daily wear and not too large or too small for your wrist. A correctly sized Pixiu is said to be more effective in attracting wealth and offering protection.


Ensure the bracelet is of high quality, with a well-crafted Pixiu charm and durable string or beads. A well-made bracelet will last longer and maintain its energy better.

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Personal Connection

Feel the energy of the bracelet and see if it resonates with you. A personal connection to the Pixiu bracelet enhances its effectiveness as it becomes a part of your personal energy field.


Especially when choosing materials like jade or precious metals, verify the authenticity to ensure you’re getting the genuine Feng Shui benefits. Genuine materials carry stronger energies.


Consider what you primarily seek from your Pixiu bracelet – wealth, protection, health, or a combination. Different configurations and materials may cater to specific intentions more effectively.

By carefully selecting your Pixiu bracelet, you ensure that it not only serves as a beautiful accessory but also as a powerful tool in your Feng Shui practice.

How to Dispose Pixiu Bracelet

There may come a time when you need to part with your Pixiu bracelet, whether it’s due to damage, the completion of its purpose, or the need to renew your Feng Shui items.

Disposing of a Pixiu bracelet respectfully is important to honor the energy it has brought into your life and ensure a harmonious transition.

Here are suitable ways to respectfully dispose of your Pixiu bracelet:


If your Pixiu bracelet is made of precious metals or stones, consider recycling its materials. Many jewelers accept old jewelry for recycling and can repurpose the materials into new items.

This approach respects the value of the materials and ensures they continue to be used beneficially.


You can repurpose parts of the bracelet for new Feng Shui items or personal jewelry. Beads or charms can be incorporated into new designs that continue to bring positive energy into your life.

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Repurposing is a creative way to honor the bracelet’s contribution to your life by giving its components a new purpose.


If the Pixiu bracelet is still in good condition and you feel its purpose with you has been fulfilled, consider gifting it to someone who can benefit from its energy.

Cleansing the bracelet before gifting ensures that it carries positive energy to the new owner. Choose someone who resonates with the bracelet’s purpose and will appreciate its significance.


Burying the Pixiu bracelet returns it to the Earth, where its energies can be naturally cleansed and neutralized.

Choose a peaceful, respectful place where the bracelet can be buried. This method is particularly fitting if the bracelet is made of natural materials like stone or metal.

Temple or Shrine Offering

Offering your Pixiu bracelet to a temple or shrine can be a way to honor its service to you and pass on its positive energies.

Many temples have rituals for accepting such offerings, and the bracelet can then either be used by the temple or disposed of in a way that respects its spiritual significance.

When disposing of your Pixiu bracelet, do so with gratitude for the protection and prosperity it has provided.

These respectful methods ensure that the transition is harmonious and that the bracelet’s energy continues to flow positively into the world.

How to Take Care of Pixiu Bracelet

Proper care and maintenance of your Pixiu bracelet not only extend its physical life but also ensure that its Feng Shui properties remain potent and effective. Here’s how you can take care of your Pixiu bracelet:

Cleansing Rituals

As with any Feng Shui tool, keeping your Pixiu bracelet energetically clean is crucial. Perform cleansing rituals regularly to clear any absorbed negativity.

Methods include smudging with sage, bathing it in moonlight, or rinsing under running water. These rituals maintain the bracelet’s vibrancy and effectiveness.

Regular Cleansing

In addition to specific rituals, incorporate regular cleansing into your routine. Depending on your daily exposure to different environments, consider cleansing your bracelet weekly or monthly.

This routine upkeep helps to refresh the bracelet’s energy, ensuring it’s always working optimally for you.

Avoiding Negative Environments

To preserve your Pixiu bracelet’s positive energy, try to avoid bringing it into negatively charged environments. Places of high stress, conflict, or negativity can affect the bracelet’s energy.

If you find yourself in such an environment, cleanse the bracelet as soon as possible afterward.

Proper Storage

When not wearing your Pixiu bracelet, store it properly to protect its physical and energetic integrity. Place it in a clean, respectful space, ideally in the wealth area of your home or in a special box or pouch.

This practice honors the bracelet’s significance and maintains its Feng Shui energy.

Regular Usage

Wearing your Pixiu bracelet regularly connects it more deeply with your personal energy, enhancing its effectiveness.

However, be mindful of the activities you undertake while wearing it, avoiding those that might expose the bracelet to physical damage or negative energies.

Respectful Handling

Handle your Pixiu bracelet with respect and care, recognizing it as more than just a piece of jewelry but as a spiritual tool.

Avoid dropping it, stepping over it, or placing it in disrespectful locations. Respectful handling strengthens your connection to the bracelet and amplifies its Feng Shui benefits.

By following these care instructions, you ensure that your Pixiu bracelet remains a powerful and vibrant tool for attracting wealth, protection, and positive energy into your life.

How to Feed Pixiu Bracelet

Feeding your Pixiu bracelet is a symbolic act to maintain its energy and effectiveness in attracting wealth and protection. Here are two ways to feed your Pixiu:

Feeding with Wealth Symbols

Place your Pixiu bracelet close to wealth symbols, such as currency notes, gold bars, or wealth-inviting Feng Shui items like the wealth vase or gold ingots.

This ritual, done regularly, is believed to activate the Pixiu’s appetite for wealth and prosperity, enhancing its abilities to attract financial blessings.

Feeding with Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful tools for setting intentions and manifesting desires. While holding or touching your Pixiu bracelet, recite positive affirmations related to wealth and protection.

For example, “I am open to all the wealth life offers me” or “I am protected from all negative influences.” These affirmations help align your energy with that of the Pixiu, reinforcing your goals and intentions.

Which Zodiac Can Wear Pixiu

The Pixiu is universally beneficial, but certain zodiac signs are believed to benefit more due to their compatibility with the Pixiu’s energy:

  • Rat: Individuals born in the Year of the Rat are known for their wit and resourcefulness. Wearing a Pixiu can enhance these qualities, attracting opportunities for wealth and advancement.
  • Dragon: Dragons are powerful beings, and those born under this zodiac sign are seen as lucky and dynamic. A Pixiu bracelet can amplify a Dragon’s natural charisma, bringing prosperity and success.
  • Monkey: Monkeys are clever and inventive. A Pixiu bracelet can help those born in the Year of the Monkey to secure their wealth and protect their ingenious endeavors.
  • Tiger: Tigers are brave and competitive. A Pixiu can support Tigers in their pursuit of success, safeguarding their wealth and encouraging bold moves in life and career.
  • Horse: Horses are energetic and driven. Wearing a Pixiu can enhance these traits, helping to attract wealth and opportunities for growth.
  • Sheep/Goat: Individuals born in the Year of the Sheep or Goat are gentle and persistent. A Pixiu can provide them with protection and support, attracting good fortune and stability.
  • Dog: Dogs are loyal and honest. A Pixiu bracelet can help protect their wealth and ensure that their hard work leads to prosperity.
  • Ox: Oxen are strong and dependable. For those born in the Year of the Ox, a Pixiu can help to amplify their efforts, attracting wealth and warding off obstacles to success.

While the Pixiu is beneficial for these zodiac signs, it’s believed to offer its protection and wealth attraction to anyone who respects and cares for it, regardless of their zodiac sign.

FAQs About Pixiu Bracelets

Q: Can Anyone Wear A Pixiu Bracelet?

A: Yes, anyone can wear a Pixiu bracelet regardless of their zodiac sign. However, it’s important to respect and understand the cultural significance of the Pixiu to fully benefit from its powers.

Q: How Do I Know If My Pixiu Bracelet Is Active?

A: An active Pixiu bracelet is typically cleansed and energized regularly. Paying attention to your bracelet, including proper care and feeding, helps keep it active. Positive changes in your wealth or protection may also indicate its activity.

Q: Can I Wear My Pixiu Bracelet To Bed?

A: It’s generally recommended not to wear your Pixiu bracelet while sleeping. Instead, place it in a respectful location near your bed or in your wealth area.

Q: How Often Should I Cleanse My Pixiu Bracelet?

A: Cleanse your Pixiu bracelet every few weeks or more frequently if it’s exposed to a lot of negative energy. Regular cleansing maintains its effectiveness.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve explored the multifaceted world of the Pixiu bracelet, a powerful Feng Shui talisman known for attracting wealth, offering protection, and enhancing overall well-being.

The choice of a Pixiu bracelet is not just about aesthetics; it involves understanding the significance behind different materials, colors, and even the zodiac compatibility to ensure that it aligns with your personal energy and aspirations.

The Pixiu, a mythical creature with a rich history in Chinese mythology, serves as a guardian of wealth and a protector against negative influences.

By choosing the right Pixiu bracelet — whether it be a 24K gold piece for amplifying wealth energy, a tiger eye variant for protection and clarity, or a specific color that resonates with your intentions — you invite the potential for prosperity and security into your life.

Caring for your Pixiu bracelet through regular cleansing, proper storage, and respectful handling ensures its effectiveness and longevity.

Feeding your Pixiu with wealth symbols or affirmations further activates its energy, aligning it with your financial goals and aspirations.

Integrating Feng Shui principles through the use of a Pixiu bracelet can be a transformative practice, bringing balance and positive energy into your life. It encourages not only wealth and health but also a deeper connection to the ancient wisdom that governs these practices.

As a daughter of a Feng Shui master, I’ve been privileged to learn about these powerful traditions from a young age.

My journey has shown me the profound impact Feng Shui can have on one’s life — from attracting wealth and success to fostering health and protection.

I encourage you to explore how these principles can enhance your own path to prosperity and well-being.

I invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, or questions about the Pixiu bracelet and Feng Shui in the comments below.

Whether you’re new to Feng Shui or looking to deepen your practice, let’s embark on this journey together, unlocking the secrets to wealth, health, and protection.

Your engagement and insights enrich our community, and I look forward to reading your comments. Together, let’s explore the powerful benefits that Feng Shui and the Pixiu bracelet can bring into our lives.

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