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Who CANNOT Wear Pixiu Bracelet: Unlocking the Mysteries

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Growing up with a Feng Shui master as my father, I’ve been privy to the potent secrets and occasional missteps of traditional practices, especially concerning the Pixiu bracelet.

Many seek its wealth-attracting powers, but not all should wear it. In this guide, I’ll unveil the critical insights on “who cannot wear Pixiu bracelet” – knowledge honed from personal experiences and the unfortunate outcomes I’ve seen among the uninformed.

Let’s dive deep into this mystical world, ensuring you’re equipped to harness Pixiu’s blessings while steering clear of its less-known restrictions.

What is a Pixiu?

At the heart of many Feng Shui enthusiasts’ collections lies the Pixiu, a mythical creature believed to attract wealth and good fortune.

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Unlike any ordinary charm, the Pixiu is steeped in ancient mythology and revered across generations for its power to amass riches and ward off evil.

Originating from Chinese mythology, the Pixiu is a celestial animal. It’s often depicted as a lion-dog hybrid with wings, embodying the strength, protection, and prosperity that it’s known to bring.

According to legend, the Pixiu has a voracious appetite for gold, silver, and jewels, which it devours to protect its owner’s wealth.

However, with its peculiar anatomical feature—a body with no anus—it’s said to retain all the riches it consumes, never letting them escape.

This unique trait makes the Pixiu a perfect symbol for those looking to preserve wealth and attract financial stability.

Beyond its financial allure, the Pixiu is also cherished for its spiritual significance. It’s believed to have a keen eye for spotting opportunities and warding off bad luck.

For individuals navigating through life’s ups and downs, the Pixiu represents a beacon of hope, offering not just material abundance but also a shield against negativity.

Incorporating a Pixiu into one’s life isn’t merely about adorning oneself with a piece of jewelry; it’s about connecting with an ancient tradition that champions prosperity, health, and protection.

Whether placed at home or worn as a bracelet, the Pixiu continues to be a powerful ally for those seeking to enhance their financial situation and protect themselves from unforeseen challenges.

Who Cannot Wear Pixiu Bracelet

The Pixiu bracelet, renowned for its powers to attract wealth and good fortune, also comes with specific considerations on who should or shouldn’t wear it.

These guidelines are deeply rooted in the principles of Feng Shui and traditional Chinese beliefs, designed to ensure harmony and positive energy flow.

Understanding these restrictions can help prevent adverse effects and maximize the bracelet’s benefits.

Minors (Under 16) and Elderly People (Over 70)

Traditionally, it is believed that minors under the age of 16 and elderly people over the age of 70 should avoid wearing Pixiu bracelets.

The rationale is that the Pixiu’s potent energy may be too overwhelming for individuals in these age groups, potentially causing disturbances rather than bestowing protection and luck.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are advised against wearing Pixiu bracelets. The strong energy emitted by the Pixiu is thought to potentially affect the health and well-being of both the mother and the unborn child, disrupting the harmony and balance necessary during pregnancy.

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Women Who Are Coming For Menstruation

In traditional Chinese culture, it is often recommended that women refrain from wearing Pixiu bracelets during their menstrual cycle.

This belief stems from the notion that during menstruation, a woman’s body is in a state of purification, and the introduction of strong external energies might interfere with this natural process.

People With Constipation and Stomach Problems

Those suffering from constipation and other stomach-related issues are advised against wearing a Pixiu bracelet. The belief here is that the Pixiu’s energy can further disrupt the body’s natural energy flow, exacerbating such conditions.

People Who Commit Offences Against Law and Discipline

Individuals who have committed offenses or are involved in illegal activities are strongly discouraged from wearing Pixiu bracelets.

The Pixiu is believed to attract positive energy and fortune, and its powers are considered ineffective, or even counterproductive, for those who have strayed from the path of righteousness.

While Having Sex

It is considered taboo to wear a Pixiu bracelet while engaging in sexual activities. The act is seen as a private moment that should not be influenced or disturbed by external spiritual energies, including those emitted by the Pixiu.

People Who Want To Get Rich In No Time

Those seeking instant wealth without the willingness to put in the necessary effort or those looking for a quick fix to their financial problems should not wear Pixiu bracelets.

The Pixiu symbolizes wealth accumulation through continuous effort and moral conduct, not through shortcuts or unethical means.

People With Negative Intentions

Individuals harboring negative intentions, such as jealousy, greed, or malice, are advised to steer clear of Pixiu bracelets. The positive energy and fortune that Pixiu attracts are believed to be accessible only to those with pure intentions and a good heart.

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Allergic Reactions

From a modern perspective, it’s important to consider potential allergic reactions to the materials used in Pixiu bracelets. Individuals with sensitivities to metals or other materials should carefully select a bracelet that does not trigger an allergic response.

Modern Considerations

In today’s world, where cultural sensitivity and personal health are paramount, it’s crucial to approach the tradition of wearing Pixiu bracelets with respect and understanding.

Whether it’s due to traditional beliefs or health concerns, recognizing and honoring the reasons why certain individuals may choose not to wear a Pixiu bracelet is essential.

Pixiu Placement and Care

Proper placement and care of your Pixiu bracelet are crucial for maintaining its effectiveness and ensuring it continues to attract wealth and positive energy.

Whether you’re someone who can’t wear it due to the considerations mentioned earlier, or you’re simply looking to respect and activate its powers to the fullest, here’s how you can take care of your Pixiu.

Where to Place Pixiu When Not Worn

For those who cannot wear their Pixiu bracelet or choose not to wear it all the time, finding the right place at home is essential. The ideal location is facing the main door or a window, sitting on a high shelf.

This positioning allows Pixiu to attract wealth from the outside into your home. Ensure it’s not directly on the floor, in the bedroom, or in the bathroom, as these locations can diminish its powers.

Pixiu in the Bathroom

It’s advisable not to wear your Pixiu bracelet to the bathroom. The bathroom is considered a place of negative energy and waste, which can contaminate the Pixiu’s purity and weaken its ability to attract positive energies.

If you’re wearing it and need to use the bathroom, it’s best to remove it and place it in a clean, respectful spot before entering.

Carrying Pixiu in a Bag

If you prefer to carry your Pixiu with you without wearing it, placing it in your bag is an acceptable practice.

Ensure the bag is clean and the Pixiu is placed in a dedicated pouch or compartment to show respect and maintain its cleanliness and effectiveness.

This method allows Pixiu to continue attracting positive energy and wealth towards you, even on the go.

Activating Your Pixiu Bracelet

Activating your Pixiu is a vital step in harnessing its full potential.

Start by cleansing it as described below. Then, touch it frequently to connect your energy with Pixiu’s. Introduce it to your wealth areas, such as where you keep cash or financial documents, to align its energy with your wealth aspirations.

Some also recommend speaking to your Pixiu, telling it your goals to further personalize and strengthen its effects.

Cleansing Your Pixiu Bracelet

Cleansing your Pixiu bracelet is essential for removing any negative energy it has absorbed and recharging its powers.

One effective method is using salt. Fill a bowl with sea salt and place your Pixiu bracelet on top, leaving it overnight. This process purifies the bracelet without harming its materials.

Perform this cleansing ritual regularly, especially if you feel a decrease in energy or after wearing it in less positive environments.

Understanding Pixiu Bracelet Rules

To fully harness the power of a Pixiu bracelet and steer clear of unintended consequences, it’s crucial to adhere to certain rules.

These guidelines are not just about when and how to wear your Pixiu but involve a deeper understanding of how to maintain its energy and ensure it aligns with your intentions.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the key rules for managing your Pixiu bracelet effectively.

Wearing It on the Left Hand

Traditionally, Pixiu bracelets are worn on the left hand. The left side is considered the receptive part of the body, capable of attracting wealth and good fortune.

Wearing your Pixiu on the left hand ensures that you are drawing positive energy towards you while also symbolizing the accumulation of wealth.

Showing Respect to Pixiu

Respect is a cornerstone of the relationship between you and your Pixiu. This involves not just physical handling but also the way you regard and speak about your Pixiu.

Treat it as a revered ally in your quest for prosperity, not just as a piece of jewelry. Avoid placing it on the ground, in low-energy areas, or treating it carelessly.

Keeping It Away from the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest and intimacy, energies that contrast with the active, wealth-attracting energy of Pixiu.

To avoid conflicting energies and ensure peaceful sleep, your Pixiu bracelet should not be kept in the bedroom.

Find a respectful place elsewhere in your home where its energy can flourish without disruption.

Avoiding Water Contact

While cleansing your Pixiu is important, direct contact with water, especially during personal wear, should be minimized.

Water can dilute the Pixiu’s energy and potentially wash away the wealth it has attracted. Exceptions exist for ritual cleansing, but daily exposure to water, like during showers or washing dishes, should be avoided.

Regular Cleansing and Activation

As touched upon in the care section, regular cleansing and activation are key to maintaining your Pixiu’s power.

This not only removes negative energy but also recharges its ability to attract wealth.

Use methods like sea salt cleansing and ensure you’re frequently touching and connecting with your Pixiu to align it with your energy and intentions.

Mindful of Its Orientation

When not worn, ensure your Pixiu is facing towards the entrance of your home or office. This orientation invites wealth into your space, symbolizing the Pixiu’s role as a guardian of prosperity.

Placing it facing inward ensures that it attracts wealth from the outside world into your personal or professional life.

Identifying Your Pixiu’s Gender

Understanding the gender of your Pixiu is more than an exercise in curiosity; it’s a crucial aspect of aligning your intentions with the specific energies and attributes associated with male and female Pixiu.

Each gender possesses distinct characteristics and powers that can influence the type of luck and prosperity they attract.

Here’s how you can identify your Pixiu’s gender and why it matters for your intentions and outcomes.

Male Pixiu: The Protector and Wealth Magnifier

The male Pixiu is traditionally known as the protector, primarily associated with wealth accumulation and safeguarding your riches.

You can identify a male Pixiu by its more prominent features, such as a larger, more pronounced head and broader body.

Often depicted with a fierce expression, the male Pixiu symbolizes aggressive protection against misfortune and the active attraction of wealth from all directions.

Female Pixiu: The Nurturer and Harmony Bringer

In contrast, the female Pixiu is considered the nurturer, focusing on harmonizing relationships and promoting a peaceful flow of energies within your space.

A female Pixiu tends to have a more delicate appearance, with softer features and a smaller stature compared to its male counterpart.

It is often associated with bringing balance, nurturing wealth in a way that promotes stability, and ensuring that prosperity grows in a healthy, balanced manner.

Why Gender Matters

The gender of your Pixiu matters significantly because it influences the type of energy and luck it attracts:

For Aggressive Wealth Accumulation

If your intention is to aggressively grow your wealth, break through financial obstacles, or protect against significant financial downturns, a male Pixiu would be more suitable.

Its energy is geared towards gathering wealth from all directions and offering strong protection against those who might wish your financial endeavors ill-will.

For Balanced Growth and Harmony

If your focus is on cultivating a balanced approach to wealth, where prosperity grows steadily without causing disruption to your life’s harmony, a female Pixiu is advisable.

It helps attract wealth in a way that promotes peace, ensures stability in your financial affairs, and nurtures the prosperity you already possess.

Pairing for Enhanced Effectiveness

For those looking to maximize their luck and prosperity, considering a pair of Pixiu—one male and one female—can provide a holistic approach.

This pairing ensures that while you’re aggressively attracting wealth and protection, you’re also nurturing your existing resources and maintaining harmony.

It’s a powerful combination that covers all bases, ensuring your prosperity is not just grown but also preserved and enjoyed in a balanced environment.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

The question of whether individuals from different cultural or religious backgrounds, particularly Muslims, can wear Pixiu bracelets, touches on sensitive intersections of belief, tradition, and respect.

Pixiu, deeply rooted in Chinese mythology and Feng Shui, carries specific cultural significance that may or may not align with the practices and beliefs of other traditions.

This section explores these considerations and offers insights for those pondering the compatibility of Pixiu with their own cultural and religious convictions.

Respecting Religious Beliefs

For Muslims and individuals from other religious backgrounds, wearing amulets or symbols like Pixiu requires a thoughtful examination of their own faith’s teachings regarding objects believed to attract luck or fortune.

In Islam, for instance, reliance on talismans or symbols for protection or luck may conflict with the principle of Tawakkul—putting one’s trust and faith in Allah alone.

Muslims are encouraged to seek guidance from their religious leaders or scholars when considering the adoption of practices outside their faith, especially when these practices involve elements believed to possess supernatural powers or attract material benefits.

Cultural Sensitivity and Appropriation

Cultural sensitivity is paramount when adopting practices or symbols from cultures not your own.

Wearing a Pixiu bracelet, while not inherently disrespectful, requires an understanding and appreciation of its origins and significance within Chinese culture.

Individuals from different backgrounds should consider whether their wearing of Pixiu respects the cultural heritage from which it comes or if it veers into cultural appropriation.

Engaging with the culture, learning about the symbol’s history and meaning, and showing respect for its origins can transform a simple act of wearing Pixiu into a meaningful gesture of cross-cultural appreciation.

Interfaith Harmony and Personal Beliefs

The decision to wear a Pixiu bracelet ultimately rests on personal beliefs and the compatibility of those beliefs with the cultural and religious significance of Pixiu.

For some, wearing Pixiu may be seen as a form of respect and fascination with Chinese culture and its symbols of prosperity.

For others, it may pose a conflict with religious teachings or personal convictions.

Individuals are encouraged to reflect on their intentions, the potential impact of their choices on their spiritual well-being, and the perceptions of those around them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our readers:

Where should Pixiu be placed?

Pixiu should be placed facing the main entrance of your home or office, symbolizing its role in attracting wealth and guarding against negative energies. This positioning allows Pixiu to draw positive energy and prosperity into your space from the outside.

Can you wear Pixiu to the toilet?

It is advised not to wear Pixiu to the toilet as bathrooms are considered places of negative energy and waste, which can contaminate the Pixiu’s purity and weaken its ability to attract positive energies.

What is a Pixiu bracelet good for?

A Pixiu bracelet is good for attracting wealth, abundance, and good fortune. It’s also believed to offer protection against negative forces and help its wearer overcome obstacles to prosperity.

How can I tell if my Pixiu is male or female?

You can tell if your Pixiu is male or female by its physical features; a male Pixiu typically has a larger, more prominent head and body, while a female Pixiu appears more delicate with softer features.

Can I put Pixiu in my bag?

Yes, you can put Pixiu in your bag, ideally in a dedicated pouch or compartment. This allows Pixiu to continue attracting positive energy and wealth towards you, even when not worn directly.

How to activate a Pixiu bracelet?

To activate a Pixiu bracelet, cleanse it first, then frequently touch it to connect your energy. Introduce it to your wealth areas, and consider speaking to it about your financial goals to align its energy with yours.

Can Muslim wear Pixiu bracelet?

Muslims should consult their religious teachings and leaders, as wearing Pixiu could conflict with the principle of Tawakkul—reliance on Allah alone for protection and prosperity.


In embracing the tradition of the Pixiu, it’s essential to honor both its cultural and spiritual heritage.

This mythical creature holds a revered place in Chinese mythology, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and protection.

As we adopt Pixiu into our lives through bracelets or other forms, respecting the guidelines for its care and proper usage cannot be overstated.

Remember, the effectiveness of your Pixiu bracelet hinges not just on wearing it but on how well you maintain its sanctity and follow the established protocols.

By doing so, you invite the full spectrum of its benefits into your life, ensuring that the Pixiu’s legendary powers are fully activated to attract positive energy and abundance.

Whether you’re navigating the complexities of which hand to wear it on, understanding the dos and don’ts of its placement, or discerning the right practices for its activation and cleansing, each step is a testament to your respect for this powerful symbol and its ancient origins.

Let’s carry forward the legacy of the Pixiu with reverence, allowing its strength and prosperity to enrich our lives.

What’s to Do Next?

We’ve journeyed together through the mystical realm of the Pixiu, uncovering its rich history, significance, and the mindful practices required to harness its full potential.

Now, it’s your turn to share the stage. Have you experienced the transformative power of the Pixiu in your life? Perhaps you’ve encountered challenges or triumphs in integrating this ancient symbol into your daily routine. Whatever your story, we’re eager to hear it.

But our conversation doesn’t end here. If you’re brimming with questions or if there’s a facet of Pixiu lore we haven’t explored, let us know. Your curiosity fuels our content, and your inquiries could inspire our next blog post.

Lastly, if there’s a topic related to Feng Shui, cultural symbols, or spiritual practices you’re itching to learn more about, drop us a suggestion.

Our community thrives on the exchange of knowledge, stories, and insights. Together, let’s continue this journey of discovery, enlightenment, and mutual growth.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions in the comments below or connect with us on social media. Your engagement is not just welcomed—it’s valued and essential to our shared exploration of these ancient wisdoms.


  1. May I ask if a person born in the year of the dog is not good to wear a pixiu. As one Master of feng sui adviced.

    1. Hello Marideth,

      Thank you for your question and for sharing the advice you received from a Feng Shui master. While there are traditional beliefs and recommendations regarding the compatibility of certain zodiac signs with Pixiu, it’s important to note that these are rooted in cultural and symbolic interpretations.

      In general, Pixiu is often considered beneficial for individuals born in years that clash with the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) of the year. However, different Feng Shui practitioners may offer varying advice based on their interpretations and methods.

      As for individuals born in the Year of the Dog, traditionally, there isn’t a specific prohibition against wearing Pixiu. Feng Shui is a diverse field with different schools of thought, and individual beliefs can vary. Some people choose to follow these guidelines closely, while others may take a more flexible approach.

      If you’re considering wearing a Pixiu bracelet and have concerns about your zodiac sign, it might be helpful to consult with a Feng Shui expert for personalized advice. Ultimately, personal beliefs and experiences play a significant role in such decisions.

      If you have any more questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask!

      Best regards,

  2. Hi. Thank you for this informative article.
    May I know if it is fine to wear the Pixiu when you were entering a church (Catholic bearer)?
    Or, Pixiu has specific place where to not wear it (except those mention above).
    Looking forward for the reply. Thanks

    1. Hi DioSa,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment and we appreciate your engagement with our article! We’re delighted that you found the information informative.

      When it comes to wearing a Pixiu bracelet while entering a church, it’s important to note that beliefs and practices can vary among individuals. The decision to wear religious or spiritual symbols, including the Pixiu, is often a personal choice guided by one’s faith and cultural background.

      Generally, there are no specific rules dictating whether one can or cannot wear a Pixiu bracelet when entering a church. However, it’s always advisable to be respectful of the customs and traditions of the place of worship you are entering. If you have any concerns or doubts, you may consider consulting with a religious or spiritual leader within your community for guidance.

      Aside from that, the Pixiu bracelet is believed to bring positive energy and protection, and there aren’t many strict rules about where you can or cannot wear it. However, some individuals may choose to remove such accessories in certain settings out of personal preference or respect for the environment.

      Ultimately, the decision to wear a Pixiu bracelet in specific situations, such as entering a church, rests on your personal beliefs and comfort level. We hope this provides some clarity, and feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.

      Thank you for being a part of our community!

      Best regards,

  3. I understand that I shouldn’t wear pixiu bracelet to the toilet/bathroom, but what if I’m outside and need to use a public bathroom? Should I put it in a red pouch in my bag? If I’m by myself, obviously I have to bring my bag with me. Is that okay?

    1. Hi Annette,

      Thank you for reaching out and bringing up an interesting question about wearing a Pixiu bracelet. We appreciate your curiosity and respect for the cultural beliefs associated with it.

      When using a public bathroom while wearing a Pixiu bracelet, it is generally advised to handle it with care. While there isn’t a strict rule against bringing it into a public bathroom, some individuals prefer not to expose their Pixiu bracelet to potentially unclean environments as a sign of respect.

      If you find yourself in a situation where you need to use a public bathroom, placing the Pixiu bracelet in a red pouch or a clean, protective covering within your bag is a thoughtful approach. This can help maintain the bracelet’s energetic integrity and symbolism.

      Ultimately, the decision is based on personal preference and your level of comfort. Many people choose to take such precautions to honor the spiritual significance of the Pixiu bracelet. We hope this guidance helps, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

      Best regards,

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